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*clothes/actors in screenshot not included

Custom 48x48 sprites with a simple design and purple tint to fit with simple assets like DS and DS+, as well as a matching sideview battler. Made for RPG Maker.

In order to fit in a 48x48 canvas, the sideview and Cerberus sprites are very small. Cerberus sprites are best fit for 32x32 maps. The battlers look most natural scaled x2.

-Spritesheets (male, female, child)
-Down sprites (MZ style lying, leaning, fallen)
-enlarged battler sheets in case you want to draw large items (such as weapons) onto the sprite directly
-workrooms for fast and easy editing/animation checking (asesprite, clip studio paint animation project, plain PSD)

To do:
-Assets to match 8-directional movement, running, and sprite expressions in Visustella's MZ movement core
-add 64x64 cerberus sprites so there is in fact 4 of them


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Thank you so much!!

Thanks for this pack, it’s an awesome base to create characters !

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oooh thank you love it

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One of the animations looks like this:

I like it