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Harold is a young mercenary hired onto a mysterious escort mission by some eccentric scholars. 

A 30 minute game made for the Harold's Last Stand game jam in 5 days. My first game jam and my first time ever completing an RPG Maker project!

Area 1 - Lucius
Area 2 - Sybil
Area 3 - Valerie
Area 4 - Cyrus
Area 5 - Hector&Jace
Area 6 - Hector

Special Note: For most of the game, you can only heal by either escaping a battle or being defeated. Defeat has no repercussions, but escaping triggers special dialogue for all the NPCs. It has no impact on the story, but the story feels meatier if you spend more time with the cast. If you want the most interaction possible, characters usually have extra dialogue if you talk to them again.


Portraits/CGs/title screen by me (for the project)
Sprite edits by me (Done some time ago)
Uses Camera Core plugin by Some Random Dude/sumrndmdde
Ship tileset by Avery
Horse wagon sound effect by Chander Prakash
Remaining tilesets are all First Seed Material
Soundtrack is from the Karugamo audio packs, + 1 FES track, 1 DS track


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HollowRuins HLS 0.02 MACOSX.zip 301 MB
HollowRuins HLS 0.02.zip 171 MB


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Liked the game. Awesome job on the Mapping!